martes, 24 de marzo de 2020

Temporary closure of productions for adult cinema

Temporary closure of productions for adult cinema

The New York Times digital newspaper has informed the United States of America that the coronavirus pandemic can do serious harm to the porn industry. Why? It is because the transmission of the coronvirus can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse, the actors and actresses who appear in the scenes can be in contact with many actors until the person is positive in the disease.

The country's leading organization dedicated to broadcasting adult Czechcasting, "Free Speech Coalition," has asked producers to please stop following hundreds of scenes for both Canada and the United States due to the disease.

This is because the state of California has requested that all businesses that are not essential for survival, that is, everything other than transportation, food, health, etc., be closed. Therefore, shooting scenes from Czech porn are not necessary, which is in the entertainment sector, it is not necessary. At the moment, they have asked that a closure be made for all the filming until March 31. The recommendation for actofres and actresses is that they stop continuing to record with other people who do not live with them continuously.

The organization called publicagent has said that with the different types of porn that they currently have, along with the content that actors and actresses produce on their own, and that they are not at risk as long as it is on their own, they do not have to prohibit that scenes continue to be recorded.

The association has said that it understands that many people, due to the temporary closure of faketaxi porn, brazzers, bangbros productions, their economic situations may be affected having certain consequences. Because of this, the association has said that they are already working on trying to solve all the consequences that this may produce. It must be added, that this is not the first closure of all productions, in the past there have been some other closings due to diseases such as HIV. The last closure was in 2008 when an actor tested positive for the aforementioned disease.

On the other hand, there are people who have seen the closure of this activity positively. For example, the director of communications for the Canadian Center for Bioethics reform, named Jonathon van Maren. His words have been "It is a blessing to close this industry so that it stops promoting the poison." He has also said that it can be a bad thing, because the confinement of people can cause people who have already left porn to relapse and become a consumer of porn again.